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Refurbished Jewish cemetery in Overveen gets wall metal plaque

The metal plaque on thde wall of the metaheerhuis of the Jewish cemetery in Overveen will be unveiled next Tuesday.  The Jewish cemetery of Overveen is considered one of the most special G'd's acres of the Netherlands. The restauration of the cemetery could be done thanks to the efforts of the Foundation for preservation of the Jewish Cemetery of Overveen, whose administration board and donors couldn't remain indifferent to the decline of this special burial site.

In 2008 the Foundation was granted a subsidy according to the politics of conservation of Religious Patrimonies by the Province of Northern-Holland to preserve this burial site.  With that money, as well as with donations of the Municipality of Bloemendaal among others, the restaurators could begin with a total repair work of the wall. The entrance was the first to be renewed and repaired. The rest of the restaured wall was finished in 2010. The metaheerhuis has now been beautifully refurbished and can show its full glory.

It was David Simon who gave a speech during the gathering.   He is a former chairman of the board of the Jewish community of Amsterdam and came from there to be a part of the committee to sponsor the conservation of the cemetery, he is the treasurer of the Foundation.  Rabbi Shmuel Katz of the Jewish Community will give some explanations about Jewish burials.   Piet van der Ham, chairman of the Foundation will unveil the metal plaque together with the designer thereof, Mr. Frederick van de Bunt [DK].

Source: NIK


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